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reconnect with your inner wilderness

The unique pieces of raw nature illuminate our interiors with their biological forms. They transform wild nature into objects of contemplation and renew a direct link between the state of wild nature and our civilized interiors.

A link to plants kingdom...

These works are an invitation to reinvent an intimacy, a proximity with this universal creative energy. They put us in touch with the longer time of the plant kingdom, and bring a soothing and serene presence.


Applique design en bois flotté incrusté de led, pièce unique
The bio-geometry serie sublimates this raw design of the state of nature. The poetry that emerges, born from the association of geometry and these biological forms, establishes a direct link between the state of wild nature and the gaze of the spectator.

Art or Design ?
Lights or Sculptures?

In the end, it is a mixture of both. These pre-existing forms in the wild state connect us with a longer, calmer, deeper plant time, conducive to contemplation. What matters is to illuminate within ourselves.



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